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What made you to create this blog?

I was one of those frustrated souls - banging my head... to figure out what is the relation between games and programming and the stuff I read in my engineering.

This site is a modest (read it as "lazy") attempt to convince those frustrated souls that their syllabus is not some useless junk.

And this site tries to explain the relation between...


Reason # 1 : To satisfy my EGO

I learnt programming in an era when a small program (less than 5 lines) was able to produce outputs like these...

Programming was a lot of fun in those days. But, now a days... click here to read more

Reason # 2 : My father felt that computer graphics is for the 10th class failed students

Our local cable channel used to advertise heavily like this...

JOB-GUARANTY with our latest animation courses.
10th pass/fail students can apply!!!!

And... When I told my father that I'd find a career in the computer graphics, the first thing he did was... click here to read more

Reason # 3 : My Mathematics teacher tried to kill my Computer science teacher

One day, my maths teacher saw this on the board... j = j + 1;
And... she was unable to find out the solution for such a stupid equation. So, she asked... click here to read more

Reason # 4 : Our street-level cricket team needed one more guy

Our street-level cricket team never gave me a chance to bat or bowl. One day, I asked my team captain if I can get a chance to bat. He said that ... click here to read more



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