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Whenever I say to people from non-computers background that...

I'm a Graphics programmer..I'll simply get a lot of questions...

So I decided to maintain a FAQ page.

Is graphics related to programming?


I know a person working on multimedia. Are you working on it?

no.. graphics and multimedia are different

I know another person who knows Maya and Max. Are you same like him?

no. He is an artist. I'm a programmer.

Will you do flash programming?

no.. I'm a 3D graphics programmer

Who can become a graphics programmer?

A programmer can become a graphics programmer

What should I learn to become a graphics programmer?

In order to become a graphics programmer you should learn two things.

1) Programming

2) Graphics

What course should I learn to be good at programming?

Any programming course will help.

1) B.Tech 1st year C lab will be a good course.

2) Any course, where you need to think a lot and remember less will help.

3) And yes.. all those Rs.10,000 "REAL TIME PROJECT" courses may not be of any help

I heard that C/C++ is out-dated language. Why are you using it?

You heard it wrong. You might have come across some out-dated compilers.

But the language is not out-dated. Many of today's most advanced games are created in C/C++.

We have ultra-modern compilers for C/C++. If you are using C/C++ don't feel that you are using

one out-dated language. Instead feel proud that you are using a language that has lasted for decades.

I'm not good at mathematics. Will I be able to become a graphics programmer?

If you are willing to learn, you can become a one.

But.. don't be scared. Graphics won't ask you to do any integration or differentiation.

If you are good at geometry and basic trigonometry, you are good enough.

Who can read this site's tutorials?

All the tutorials are free of cost. Any one can read them.

But, while writing these tutorials, I had two groups of people in my mind...

1) People good enough at maths and new to programming

2) Programmers who wish to become graphics programmers

I'm new to programming and I'm not good at maths. But I'm intrested in learning graphics programming. What is your suggestion to me?

Don't worry. You can start with the programming tutorials.

When ever you are stuck with some math concept, just google it.

And I have plans to publish math tutorials as well. So... keep watching for the updates.



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