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Top 5 reasons to turn into "The incredible Hulk"

Some policies and methods have been bothering me for a while. So, I decided to make something solid with that.

As "Sri Sri" says... nothing is unworthy to write a blog...

Top reason # 5: Software engineering is not physical labour

(My 1st company...)

some guy was asking our HR manager...

"Can we expect some extra compensation if we work for more than 8 hours a day?"

and the HR manager replied....

"My dear friend, software engineering is not physical labour."
"You can't expect the company to spend money for you on time basis."
"You get your payment based on the tasks you finish."

Then.. I asked another question...
"If we finish a day's task in less than 8 hours, are we free to go home?"

The HR Manager replied...
"Since we count the no. of working hours to project our revenue.."
"You are not supposed to work less than 8 hours a day"

My fingers started curling up...

Top reason # 4: You should take the initiative

(My 2nd company...)

HR : So, Mr. Prakash, how many years of experience do you have?

ME : 6 months of experience in 3D computer graphics programming

HR : But, Mr. Prakash, as per our HR policies, one year or less experience is considered as zero experience

ME : What??

HR : Yes Mr. Prakash. You don't even know what you need to know.
We will train you here. You are like raw clay.
We will mould you here.

ME : Oh cool.

* * * 9 months later * * *

ME : You said that I'll be trained here. But nothing such happend so far

HR : you see Mr. Prakash, you have to inform your manager regarding what you know and what you don't know. Based on that, if we have enough human resources, then we may think of training you.

ME : But I feel that my personal collection is much bigger than the study material available in this company.

HR : Ahaa Mr. Prakash, you should take the initiative and grab the oppurtunity to become the knowledge sharer.

ME : So... as per you HR policies, my little experience is considered as zero experience; and you expect me to train others

HR : Exactly Mr. Prakash

My triceps started to turn red and hard...

Top reason # 3: If you do a task, report it

(My 3rd company...)

During my second appraisal....(first one never happend)

Appraiser : So, Mr. Prakash, tell me about your accomplishments in this year

ME : The game engine is ready. The artists can use it for the next games.

Appraiser : But, Mr. Prakash, I see most of the times with those QA guys.
Is your code full of bugs?

ME : Actually they are not my bugs.
Our team lead wrote his part of code and took a long leave.
I was fixing the bugs in his code.

Appraiser : You see Mr. Prakash, because of your action,
we are unable to track how many hours are required for this project.
Since those bugs are to be fixed by someone else,
and since you didn't report to me that you worked on them,
I'm considering your game engine work only for this appraisal.

ME : What ever...

Appraiser : That's all from my side. Make sure that what ever work you do is reported.

* * * one year later * * *

During my third appraisal....

Appraiser : So, Mr. Prakash, tell me about your accomplishments in this year

ME : R&D project for Windows mobile is delivered to Microsoft
Syllabus and content is prepared and trained the interns and the students
Helped the other team working on the laser rays game and ...

Appraiser : Wait man... if you train or help others, they should talk about you.
You are simply boosting yourself. You should change your attitude.

My eyes started turning green...

Top reason # 2: Since I don't know you....

(My 3rd company...During my exit interview)

HR : So, Mr. Prakash, before you leave, I wish to give you few suggestions.
I hope they will be useful for you in your future.

ME : Sure... Go ahead please

HR : You should work hard to improve your leadership skills.

ME : May I please know when was the last time you observed my leadership skills?
(In fact, she spoke with me only for five times since we met)

HR : If you had some leadership skills, someone would have informed me.
Since no body informed me about your skills, you should work on improving them.

I was controlling myself from jumping out of the window..

Top reason # 1: Are you really sure????

(Some HR called me on my mobile)

HR : Am I speaking with Mr. KRK Jaya Prakash?

ME : Yeah... May I know who is this?

HR : Hello Mr. Prakash! I'm a HR manager and found your profile on monster.
Mr. Prakash, may I know about your work experience please?

ME : I started my career in 3D graphics programming using parallel computation.
Later I shifted to game programming. I have 6 international games to my credit.
I have worked with clients like Microsoft, Sony and NVIDIA.

HR : May I know what are your key skills?

ME : My core skills are OpenGL and it's clones, Direct3D and parallel computation.

HR : But Mr. Prakash, none of your skills are matching our requirements
We are looking for experienced C programmers.

ME : It is just a language. Language has nothing to do with the skills.
Any how, for your kind information, through out my career I was working on C/C++.

HR : In such a case Mr. Prakash,
I'll ask you some advanced technical questions to test your experience.


HR : Mr. Prakash! Can you tell me how many bytes can you have in a short?

I felt I had 100's of bites already on my short.
A strong and green heavy creature is looking at me through the mirror.



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