Topic_06 : Deployment - A simple teenage story

Question:  How does Software companies earn money?

Clue:  Read the following story and find the answer to this question.

    Suppose that, "Mr. Peenaasi Pullayya", a well know money-lender is your neighbor.  He lends money on a simple interest basis.  He appointed "Mrs. Sunnaala Saraswathi", a good mathematician, to compute his money dealings.  Monthly our PP (Peenaasi Pullayya) pays SS(Sunnaala Saraswathi) a salary of one thousand rupees.

    Sorry for starting the story with a description about our PP.  Now, it's the time to tell about you, the main character in the story.  You, "the mighty YOU" are studying in a co-educational college.  And also suppose that, you have a soft corner on "Bujji", your classmate.

    One day, you came to know that, our PP is a relative of Bujji.  While you were sincerely making use of your holidays, in learning programing,  Bujji is enjoying the holidays, along with the children of our PP.  You are attending the programming classes regularly, but some where in your mind, there are some thoughts about Bujji.

    One fine evening, our PP came to your computer class room, to talk with your teacher, about something.  PP is not happy with the way, SS is calculating the maths, and further, PP is not willing to pay salary to SS, each and every month.  Recently, PP bought a computer (to watch movies and play games), and he came to know that, computer can be used to calculate maths problems.

    Your computer teacher said that, PP's work could be done in a small amount of time.  Your teacher assured that, one of the class students will be giving a software to PP, using which, the mathematical calculations regarding his simple interest related money issues can be computed.

    So, you are not ready to lose this chance to meet Bujji.  You requested your teacher, to give this opportunity to you.  And your teacher accepted your request, due to the bad-luck of Bujji.

The above part is the first half of the story.  Second half of the story consists of, how did you make an entry into PP's house and finally, got succeeded in your wish.  Are you ready to start reading the second half??

The Problem: To compute and display the final amount, taking the values of principal, rate of interest, and time.

The Program:
# include <iostream>
# include <Conio.h>

void main()
    double principal, rate, time, amount;

    std::cout << "Enter principal........";
    std::cin  >> principal;

    std::cout << "Enter rate of interest..";
    std::cin  >> rate;

    std::cout << "Enter the time period..";
    std::cin  >> time;

    amount = principal * ( 1 + (time*rate)/100 );
    std::cout << "The computed amount is..";
    std::cout << amount;

    std::cout << "   Press any key to Exit";

    You learnt the concept of input and output from the previous lesson.  The new lines in this program are ..
# include <Conio.h> and _getch()
_getch() is a function, that will ask the computer to wait till you press any key.  This function is declared in Conio.h file.

    Writing a program is not a problem for you, because, you, "The mighty YOU" already learnt how to write a program, that takes input, processes it and gives an output.  In this case, it is not sufficient to make YOUR computer to do this work.  You are supposed to make our PP's computer, to do this work.

    You might have learnt earlier that, compilers translate high level languages into a machine-understandable language.  In order to make our PP's computer, to understand and follow your program, you can simply use the compiler.  Ask the compiler to convert your program into a machine-understandable form (called as "Executable" file).  Take that exe (executable file), and give it to PP.  That's all.

Creating EXE, using VC++2005 IDE/compiler: 

1) You should change the settings from "Debug" to "Release" in the Solution configuration combo box, as shown in the figure below.

2) Perform the menu operation "Build => Build Solution" or simply, press "F7", to generate the EXE.

3) Open the folder, in which, you created the project.  In that folder, a sub-folder by name "Release" will be generated.   In that "Release" folder, you can find the EXE. 

4)  By double clicking that EXE, you can run the program.
All that you need to do now is, make a copy of that EXE file into a flash drive/CD and paste it in PP's house.

     By the way, our PP don't know the fundamentals of computers.  He gave you hundred rupees for bringing the EXE, and also requested you to train Bujji, how to use your software.  So, you'll be training "Bujji", how to use your EXE, which brings the happy ending to our story.

Summary of the Story:
PP, the money lender ----> The
SS, the mathematician ---> The victim of computers
You, the mighty YOU ----> The
software developer
money to you ------------>
compensation for your work
Bujji, your classmate ----> Special bonus to you
Your teacher-------------> Software
service provider

1) Patiently reading the first-half of the story is nothing but, understanding the
requirements of the clients, and also estimating your benefits, before you start working on a project.

Deployment is nothing but, making the computers of your clients, to obey your programs.

Finishing touches:

1) PP paid your computer teacher an amount of Five thousands, for arranging you to create the software for him, and also for getting rid of monthly salary to SS.

2) With the information in the story,
can you conclude the gender of Bujji??
-->Bujji could be a girl and you could be a boy.
-->You could be a girl, and Bujji could be a boy. 
Software jobs are suitable for both men and women, equally.

3) I don't mind if "Bujji", your classmate and you, "the mighty YOU" are of same gender.