INTRODUCTION : Don't expect "how to draw guns and forests" in this tutorial. This is just the beginning.

Hello viewers. I know that games that you play are ultra cool with heavy graphics and superb effects. Since my target is to write tutorials for teenagers(who are probably new to programming); if I show them the tutorials for all 3D stuff and all Win32 stuff, they may be afraid of learning my tutorials. So, I don't want to frighten any one. When I was a school going kid, I used to play with 16 bit dos based C++ compilers. I thought of introducing those fun moments to my viewers. In this tutorial, I'm providing the 32 bit versions of my old 16 bit programs.

Please make sure that you are using VC++. If you don't know what I mean, click here to read about introduction to programming and software that you need to learn my tutorials.

RAR file :All the following programs are bundled in this single rar file.


001_HelloWorld program: A simple program to display some text on the screen.


002_HelloThere program: A simple program to display some text on the screen at a desired location. This program will introduce some big big names and scary words. But, Don't worry about them. I promise that I'll explain more about them in a later tutorial named Win32 tutorial.


003_Rectangle program: A simple program to display a rectangle on the screen.


004_BouncingBall program: A little program to bounce a ball on the screen. You better remember your calculus basics.


005_Input program: I'm sorry; I had to do some other things as well. So I was not able to write this "input reader" file in a more understandable way. In this program, you will be able to move the pad left and right, using the keyboard.


006_TheGame program: OK... The ball bounces only when it hits the pad.


Coming soon....


keep watching for the updates....