My father felt that computer graphics is for the 10th class failed students

Our local cable channel used to advertise heavily like this...

JOB-GUARANTY with our latest animation courses.
10th pass/fail students can apply!!!!

And... When I told my father that I'd find a career in the computer graphics, the first thing he did was...
He met my maths teacher, to make sure that I was not faking the marks in my progress card !!!!!

* * *

My computer teacher taught me that what-ever applications that run on a computer...
are actually the outputs of some programs, written by somebody.

So... I was wondering what kind of people can create the wonderful programs like the computer games. And I started asking the people around me to gather more information. It was like watching Jackie Chan on the big screen and dreaming to become a kung-fu master like him.
This was a sample of one of those "Questions and Answers" sessions ...

Finally... I some how got some documentation on computer graphics, spent a month (or two), working for 4-5 hours a day, reading that coordinate geometry book, understanding the differences between GWBASIC and TURBO-C and wrote a program, which produced some output like this...
And my friend joined some animation course, spent a week there (one hour a day), and cameup with something like this...

(YES... you guessed it right. He failed his 10th class examinations thrice !!!)

* * *

So... my "ADMIRATION" on those bigg animation software grew up even more, along with my curiousity as well as frustration.
And I'm sure that there are more people in this world who are equally (or more) frustrated because of the missing link between "graphics" and "programming" in their academics.

To bridge the gap between the programming taught in the academics and the programming required for the graphics is one of the main reasons to create this blog.
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