Recently, someone asked me about the places I hangout with my friends. And I was scratching my head to recollect when was the last time I went out with my friends. I scratched for a little more time and recollected that I'm not in my college anymore and maintaining friendship in 30s is not as easy as it used to be in the 20s

The fact that I failed to recollect anything about when was the last time I spent quality time with my friends would have caused some gloom and sadness in my brain - a decade ago. But, with age and experience, after reading here and there and writing about the dangers/problems/complications of having friends, I thought it would be a nice topic to write about the perks of solitude - especially if there is a "check list" of items to do.

I hope that the following images serve as counter-examples to disprove the myth that solitude is unbearable.

Your teenage is a very dangerous time to grow up - especially when....

At least a dozen scars, partially broken teeth, an inch long cut that narrowly missed the eye - enough reasons to get big!

Oh... by the way... I'm a vegetarian (if someone is offended if I don't eat their birthday cake, that is how I end up eating an egg)

Sure... not as fluidic as it used to be in the teenage, but still flexible enough - for someone recovering from a longterm injury

I should work on my expressions though!!! I hope to spend enough time to create an actual dance video, instead of merging some moments captured while I was practising the dance. Next time, with a better camera if possible

The biggest challenge was not about setting the right lighting angle, or capturing the right moment, but to conclude the debate of... enjoy the moment versus capture the moment. If I enjoy the moment, that will be only a one time joy. But, if I capture it, I can re-enjoy the moment multiple times

The most important perk of solitude is... you can spend a lot of time thinking about yourself and you master your emotions and you can equip yourself with all the tools that can undo the effects of some unwanted memories

Lets face it. We secretly enjoy the fact that we have so many things to do when nobody is there to question us. And we know how to make the full use of that situation

Whether it is fetching water from the next village, or daily going up and down town for the education, when each and every day of the childhood is filled with hours of cycling and the resulting endorphins, no matter how sophisticated your vehicle is, you get nostalgic cravings for the quality time you have spent on a road like NH7

And the nostalgia gets better and sweeter - if you happened to have bought your cycle with your own hard earned money!

When you don't have the obligations to attend dozens of marriages or parties, you don't have to spend a lot on travelling or shopping - so you can afford to live and walk in a place that suits your preference.

A calm and serene place with a lengthy walking track - in my case.

Should I write anything about it? Writing about my games and blog in my blog about games is only going to be redundant.

When you have stuff like an encyclopedia on maintaining the body, a best seller on philosophical inner thoughts, a gaming PC with enough horse power to support your professional requirements, books about art, technology and literature, that serve as a means to achieve salvation, and an elliptical machine etc. What else could be better investments?


it ain't over till it's over