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Top 10 help requests I got

I just learnt that my flight is delayed by 6 hours.

Can you go to the railway station,

buy a ticket from Mumbai to Gooty,

come to the air-port

and hand over me the ticket?

We don't know what to do for our B.Tech final project.

We are planning to join some Java course in Hyderabad.

Can you discard your ongoing home-made C++ project,

come with us to Hyderabad, share our expenses,

and finish our Java project?

My computer screen is not big enough.

I heard that you bought a new monitor.

Can you bring your old monitor to my room?

I will let you know when can you take back your monitor.

Do you remember? You took 3 hours to explain a topic to our friends

and you have asked me to join them and I said I will listen it later...

Since we still have one complete day left for our exam,

Can you stop reading and explain that topic to me?

I hate your behaviour. Nobody is ready to make friendship with you.

You are a very very irritating person.

Now teach me how to solve this differential equation.

What I am about to say is a very very critical information.

This information will change your lives forever through motivation.

Please don't disturb the person next to you from getting motivated.

Please turn off your mobile when I explain the benefits of joining Amway.

Hello!!! Are you able to recognize my voice??

When our common friend introduced you to me, I said "You are fat".

Remember me?? Can you lend me some money??

I hate programming. I don't even want to listen the word programming.

But if I finish this program, I will get good weightage in my resume,

and I can ask for a better salary. Write this program for me.

I am very much confident about this business investment.

This investment is just close to my annual income.

I will get back 100% of the money with-in 6 months.

I will invest in this business.

Its ok if you don't have the cash to lend it to me.

Just give me your credit card.

You are coming to our flat at 10 O'clock and are going to bed around 12 O'clock

You are not making full use of these two hours.

After coming to the flat, don't go to the mess on foot.

Go to the mess directly from the office.

And after coming from the mess, don't use internet.

This way, you can speed up the project I have been dreaming about.

Now, come here... I want you to make few changes to the screens.



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