Engineering is my qualification, games & graphics development is my profession, art(drawing) is my passion, fitness is my lifestyle, writing is my hobby.

Music and lyrics are my sources of energy, which is spent in dancing.

I regularly belong to the "books are for knowledge" group and I rarely belong to the "books are for entertainment" group.

I have a habit of audio and visual editing (also called hallucination if the dosage is more) in/out my surroundings - which means that I don't necessarily wait to enjoy the life like others till they experience what they want to experience. For example... When a blogger blogged about the idea of owning a private island in the todo list and making the financial/personal plans for it....... I happened to experience the whole private island with my palace and fort and a Jurassic world and fairy land and a space station in it.

MEANING: Others might call it imagination. But I call it experience!

I have an aura (filled with a pleasant calmness and indifference), that makes people around me feel awkwardly uncomfortable. People fail to understand why am I indifferent to the stuff that they perceive as the "bestest" fun stuff. Chances are likely that i have "experienced" that stuff already in my mind (even without doing it) and most probably, that "fun stuff" might not be... as fun as the imaginary stuff I might be "experiencing"

MEANING: People fail to find the activities with which they can connect with me.

SUMMARY: I have (I think I have) a nerd's brain with a jock's body. I am an extremely likeable (and respectable) outcast.

SUGGESTION: If you are looking for an engaging set of activities to do with me (also called friendship), then I strongly recommend you to drop that very idea - unless you are comfortable in welcoming a person like me into your brain and reveal the details about... what makes you, "you" - only to result in my indifferent acknowledgement about your traits.